About us

We aim to serve students in their professional pursuit of research and industry interests.Students take up challenges to solve problems in areas related to Water, Food, Health and Energy through scientific innovation and technological research. We conduct events and hackathons which nurtures the capabilities of students in our community.

Hackathon and events conducted by our community enriches their passion towards digital learning.

     Past   Events

Hacking with Amazon Alexa

We have conducted Hacking with Amazon Alexa workshop in association with MLH Local Host continuously for the past two years.During this workshop participants will be taught the basics of how to build skills for Amazon Alexa to run on Alexa devices like the Amazon Tap or Echo.

Hack the Technical Interview: Algorithms Practice

In association with MLH Local Host we conducted Hack the Technical Interview workshop.
During this workshop, students learned strategies to perform better in technical interviews.

Introduction to Docker

During this workshop students were taught the basics of Docker and Software Containers. The workshop covered setting up Docker, running first container, creating a basic web application with Python and Docker, and how to push the Docker Image to DockerHub.

MLH Local Hack Day

A global hackathon and celebration of learning, building, and sharing!.The hackathon was coducted on 4th December 2018 and attendees were made to code a project for 12 hours.

Python GUI

Conducted first self-hosted workshop on python using GUI using Tkinter and Django Web framework on 17th Dec 2018.

Cyber Security Workshop

KarunyaHacks organized a workshop on "Cyber Security" on 14th Feb lead by Mr. Sathish Kumar in Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences.

Python For Data Science

Girls Wing of KarunyaHacks conducted a workshop on "Python for Data science" on 20th Feb in order to empower the girl community.The workshop was planned, organized and attended by girl students.


Check Dates for all the upcoming workshop

  • Web Devlopment

    18th March 2019

  • Machine Learning Workshop (only Womens)

    19th March 2019

  • Application Devlopment Workshop (MLH)

    23 March 2019

  • Blockchain Workshop (MLH)

    26 March 2019


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Demo your API during the event or showcase your hardware/devices enabling students to tinker and create, while also receiving invaluable feedback to further improve your product.

Showcasing your company brand during the Hackathon, allows you a better platform to broadcast your company stature, thus boosting brand recognition, hence encouraging students to know more about your company

Also we will promote your brand throughout our event through social media platforms and other platforms

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