Our mantra at Scale +91 is simple – real problems demand real solutions. Scale +91 is not just an ideation; it’s a call to action. The challenges presented delve into the complexities of the FinTech realm, providing participants with an opportunity to create tangible, impactful solutions that can make a difference.
Link: https://hack2skill.com/hack/scale91-hack-ffi2024

Unveiling the Canvas of Scale +91:

Scale +91 emerges as an epitome of limitless possibilities at the crossroads of innovation and finance. Fueled by the FinTech theme, this hackathon invites tech enthusiasts from every corner of India to converge their skills and imagination. The challenges are not mere problems; they are gateways to crafting real solutions that can reshape the financial landscape.


🌐 Organized by Fintech Festival India 2024:

Scale 91 stands proudly as an integral part of the prestigious FinTech Festival India 2024, where the finest minds converge to explore cutting-edge trends and innovations defining the future of finance with advanced technology. As the innovation partner for this monumental summit, Hack2skill ensures that Scale 91 becomes an immersive experience, a melting pot of ideas that push the boundaries of what’s possible.


🔍 Eligibility Criteria:

This hackathon is open to all trailblazers including students, working professionals, freelancers, startups, developers, and innovators alike – anyone with a flair for Financial Technology. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or an enthusiastic newcomer, this hackathon is your platform to shine. Real recognition awaits those who dare to dream and bring those dreams to life!


Real-time Market Insights
Unleash AI algorithms that decode complex financial data in real-time, empowering FinTech companies and investors with precise market insights and predictions.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Innovations
Dive into the synergy of AI and blockchain, crafting solutions that bolster security in cryptocurrency transactions, enhance DeFi platforms, and open new vistas of innovation.

Algorithmic Trading Strategies
Master AI-powered algorithmic trading. Craft strategies that navigate market trends, optimizing portfolios for maximum returns and minimal risks.

Instant Card Issuance
Redefine convenience with instant virtual card issuance upon approval. Experience the freedom to transact while waiting for your physical card.

AI-Enhanced Threat Detection
Secure the digital realm with AI-driven threat detection. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats and safeguard your digital assets.